I am a psychic medium life coach and love specialist I have been able to guide others in all walks of life spiritually with a natural god-given ability my goal is to guide others in the time of need to let them know that there is still hope for their individual issues there’s always hope whether it may be big or small i’m able to guide them in the right direction I have been able to help others in their time of need for 25 years and I specialize in reuniting separated and love relationships and matters of the heart also Tarot cards readings psychic readings Angel readings astrology yoga crystals and I also specialize in spiritual balancing also palmistry also chakra balancing I been reading tarot cards for 17 years I’ve been reading palms for 19 years also recently have studied in dream interpretations also have been meditating for 25 years also have. Been helping clients to learn the method of meditation with a singing bowl also known as a meditation bowl also I have connected with people that have passed on i’m able to connect to their spirits that have not fully past through and spirits are still searching for closure

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